kids alive


What We Believe

We believe that disciple-making begins at an early age, and through creative messages, sing-along music, and interactive application, the Gospel comes alive at Kids Alive for all children!


What We Do

Kids Alive is devoted to teaching the next generation about the Good News of Jesus Christ, no matter the age.


What We Desire

We would love to see you and your family at Kids Alive this Sunday, where kids encounter Jesus in a fun and creative way!


Five reasons why children’s ministry at Generation Church matters so much.

1. Kids need a solid spiritual foundation.

Kids are in a beautiful stage in which they are open to hearing and receptive to truth. They are curious. That’s where Kids Alive comes in. We use music, media, relevant teaching and so much more to build a solid foundation and bring Jesus to life to Kids.

2. Kids are the next generation of leaders.

This is exciting stuff!
The passion, dedication and love that we invest in our children today will impact an entire generation of adults tomorrow.

3. Kids are learning to form relationships now.

Life happens in relationships. Attending Kids Alive give kids an oppurtunity to connect with other children, adults and leaders.

4. Parents need to be equipped for family discipleship.

In children’s ministry, teaching the Gospel, sharing God’s love and witnessing lives change is the motivation to everything we do. One of our biggest jobs in children’s ministry is to equip parents with the tools and resources to teach kids beyond Sundays.

5. Kids need to experience the unconditional love of God through us.

At Kids Alive we share God’s love. It’s simple, it’s genuine, it’s radical and life-changing.